ML Capital Group Inc. (OTC: MLCG) is a global holdings company focusing on acquisitions in luxury travel, leisure and lifestyle industries. MLCG’s business model looks to identify under-valued “brick and mortar” tour operators to be acquired, re-branded and integrated within the Company’s luxury tour portfolio.

Platinum High Life is the first strategic evolution of two 2016 investments made by MLCG, specifically the acquisition of Platinum Tours of Maui, a luxury tour operator that has realized a 25% increase in first-quarter revenue over 2016, following on an equally impressive 29% increase from 2015 to 2016. The Company also holds a 25% interest in cannabis tourism operator Colorado Highlife Tours.

Our Team:

Kevin Bobryk, CEO

Kevin Bobryk is known as a reputable leader and strategic developer with a successful background orchestrating start-ups as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring.

Brandi Jasmine, Director of Corporate Communications

Brandi Jasmine was the Editor in Chief, Ghostwriter, Media Relations Director for Internet Direct/TUCOWS Inc. during its formative years, and joined Look TV as Chief Content Director for its Looktown portal when Internet Direct merged with Look TV.